The Field of Grace in Restorative Mediations

The Field of Grace in Restorative Mediations

How to get to this field when the parties in a mediation are embedded to their stories and to being right?

Through restorative mediations, we explore:

  • the wrongdoing - no-blame/all-accountable – everyone had a role to play in the escalated conflict (no matter how small they may perceive this role to be)
  • the right-doing - re-connecting to each other’s value and a willingness to see the larger inter-subjective context.

The process is emotional and requires great courage. But out of this emerges palpable relief and compassion - the field of grace.

prison bars
"As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didnít leave the bitterness and hatred behind, l'd still be in prison"
- Nelson Mandela
How We Use This Principle