Group Mediation

Group Mediation

(Between 4 and 20 people)

Conflicts within groups or teams impact everyone.  Different people have different ways of responding to these conflicts – some become ringleaders, some take sides, some choose to shut down and withdraw, others try to understand everyone’s different points of view.

One way or the other, if a conflict in a group or team is not addressed sooner than later, it almost always gets worse. 

What’s involved in a Group Mediation?

This type of mediation involves a combination of a 1:1 meetings by the facilitator with each person followed by a combined meeting with the whole group.

The 1:1 meetings provide each person the opportunity to anonymously raise any issues or concerns in a safe and confidential setting.

The combined group process enables the group to identify:

  • what is and isn’t working within the group?
  • how everyone can contribute to the group’s overall effectiveness?
  • what is needed to ensure that everyone can work together to improve wellbeing, engagement and productivity?

The combined team process is ultimately a “no-blame” process which means that it is not an opportunity for people to publicly blame or criticise each other.  Rather, the process is an opportunity for people to critically self-reflect, consider each other’s valuable contributions and reflect on their own individual roles and responsibilities in co-creating a satisfying group dynamic.

The principles underlying restorative mediations are applied in a group mediation process

prison bars
"As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didnít leave the bitterness and hatred behind, l'd still be in prison"
- Nelson Mandela
How We Use This Principle