Feedback from Partipants & Clients

* Please note - due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of information, names of participants are not able to be disclosed.

The process was fantastic. Ruth is a very professional person but also willing to validate feelings and empathise with both parties. Ruth's framework is great! Please start teaching, I would be so keen. FYI, I have recommended Ruth to co workers and other orgs who might benefit from her intervention.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

This restorative mediation session enabled me to clear the air between us and the outcome has been positive ever since.

Partucpant - Restorative Mediation

The process of restorative mediation enabled the breakdown of barriers that had existed for years between both parties. The process is not burdensome and allows for healing to occur between both parties. Ruth is exceptional in her practice and brings an absolute wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. I highly recommend her if real, lasting resolutions are desired.

Client - Restorative Mediation

I was initially quite a sceptic of a mediation process and was not keen to engage in one. Prior to the mediation I was highly anxious and apprehensive about what lay ahead of me. 

Ruth’s restorative mediation process was one of the most emotional, challenging, rewarding and unique experiences I have ever been through. Not only that, but two years later, my relationship with my colleague is one of the strongest and most supportive in my workplace and has enabled me to not only feel valued but to do my job to the best of my ability. 

I will be forever grateful for the experience and for the amazing work Ruth does.  She changed the way I see relationships and hence, she has changed my life. I would encourage anyone considering (or not considering!) to engage in a mediation with Ruth.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

I was so nervous and ambivalent walking into the mediation. But from Ruth's call to consider alternative viewpoints whilst also validating and honouring my experience. It then prepared me to do the unthinkable - see my aggressor as a human that I valued and my own role in creating the monster we were now faced with. It was healing on both a colleague and personal level. Further the wider team around us have also breathed a sigh of relief as a result. Thank you Ruth for sharing this process with us.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

Ruth ran the mediation sessions with the utmost professionalism and care, we are very grateful for the work she has done for us and would not hesitate to call on her again if needed.

Client - Workplace Mediation

Thank you Ruth for successfully leading and completing such a difficult process. I thank you for your sensitivity, eloquence, leadership and methodical investigation in the attempt to resolve issues with a large group/faculty. Your process has improved the dynamics within our faculty significantly and I now have hope and encouragement that this new connection within our team will only get better.  Again thank you Ruth.

Client - Group Mediation

The model for this process was excellent. The opportunity to speak about the experience in private with Ruth on day 1 was very helpful. Working through the first two of the three homework questions together on day 2 with my colleague provided an excellent platform to break down the tension, self-reflect, hear/see each other from a different and more positive perspective and agree to change.

Partipant - Workplace Mediation

Thank you Ruth for your support and making me feel like I can go back to work again. This process was the culmination of the hardest first year I have ever experienced in community services employment in my 25 year career and I can truly say that I feel I can carry on for the first time in 12 months. It's a huge relief

Partipant - Restorative Mediation

Thank you for a productive and positive approach which respected each person’s journey to this point.

I thank my colleague for the courage to commit to working towards building a new working relationship.

There is much to look forward to.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

Many thanks for yesterday’s mediation.  It went MUCH better than I expected. I received your synopsis of agreed upon ideas and feel optimistic about my relationship with my colleague. 

Particpant - Workplace Mediation

Thank you for your effort with helping me see past myself over the past two days. 

I'm very excited about what is ahead for us.  To my colleague, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better over the coming months. 

Thank you for your honesty today, I really appreciate how hard it was.  I am totally committed to our success - both business and as friends.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

I am writing to you to say a big thank you for assisting in the mediation between two of my team. It has made a big difference within our organisation and the positive results we have had since.

Client - Restorative Mediation

Thanks for your work with us over the past two days.

Your mediation model was inspiring and your delivery of it to us really 'hit the mark'.

Participant - Restorative Mediation

I feel so much better having talked through our differences. Many of the things I thought were so important were not and I feel confident that we will be able to work it out now from this new and lofty platform.

You have shown us that there is an easier way. 

Participant - Workplace Mediation

Thank you for your time, energy and graciousness in working with us both to find a way forward.

I have appreciated the experience and already feel more light-hearted.

We have had several conversations since the mediation, which is a good start.

Much appreciated.

Participant - Workplace Mediation

Thank you so much for this Statement of Intention framework. It is very grounding for me and clarifying and supportive of the beneficial time and mediation you facilitated for us last week.

I’m enjoying the relief 'post the storm' of this conflict that the mediation with you has brought.

I have never experienced a mediation like this and I was very moved by its many layers of value.

Thank you again for your time last week and your care, skill and commitment to holding us and the process with safety and integrity.

We connected after the mediation and shared a lot of warmth and care for each other.

Participant - Restorative Mediation
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"As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didnít leave the bitterness and hatred behind, l'd still be in prison"
- Nelson Mandela
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