Feedback from Clients

* Please note - due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of information, names of participants are sometimes not able to be disclosed.

"I found Ruth's mediation style very refreshing. I had two senior staff that had a costic and dysfunctional relationship. Ruth's individual meetings combined with the positive mediation technique turned the relationship around very quickly. I was amazed".

Head of Risk and Compliance - 2015

"Ruth, I just thought I’d send you an update following our sessions with you.  

There has been a total turn-around in the relationship and situation.  John and I are now working together ‘on the same page’, the tension has dropped and the staff notice the difference. We are moving forward as a united front with common end goals clearly in sight.  I’m having regular meetings with the managers, we are communicating a lot more and there’s less fear and anxiety about the future all around.  I just wanted to thank you for your intervention, insight and wisdom.  We wouldn't be where we are without you”

Participant - 2015

“Ruth Levy was invited to help resolve work place conflict with individuals and teams.  
Ruth’s approach helped staff re-build their trust with each other so that they could continue to work together.  Her mediation process was achieved by working with individuals to break the conflict with both parties in a tactful and respectful way. 
Ruth’s experience and expertise in resolving the workplace conflicts with individuals and teams enabled them to get back on track and continue to do their jobs.  A  great result for the individuals, teams and the business”.

2015 - General Manager

“Ruth has a unique, sensitive and insightful way of engaging work teams and individual team members in critically analysing and transforming their team and interpersonal communication and relationship approaches. I have seen Ruth’s highly successful facilitation, mediation and counselling skills in action and have been impressed with the positive outcomes she helps to achieve for the individuals and workplaces that she works with.”

People and Culture Business Pa - 2018

“Thank you so much for this Statement of Intention framework. It is very grounding for me and clarifying and supportive of the beneficial time and process you facilitated for us last week. I’m enjoying the relief post the storm of this conflict that the mediation with you has brought. I have never experienced mediation like this and I was very moved by its many layers of value. Thank you again for your time last week and your care, skill and commitment to holding us and the process in safety and integrity”.

Participant - 2018

"Many thanks for your valuable input. I am very optimistic this morning about forward as a team again, and I feel a great sense of relief. I have also learned more about myself in the process!”

Director of Clinical Services - 2018

"Ruth has resolved an issue between staff which has caused problems for senior management and this organisation for a considerable amount of time. The feeling between two senior staff in particular I believed could not be resolved, how wrong I was!!!! Ruth has dealt with the issue in a professional and confidential manner resulting in a change of attitude by both staff and a happier workplace. Thank you Ruth for coming onto our radar - you have had a huge impact on the change in culture at this workplace".

CEO - May 2016

“A huge thank you for facilitating a fair, compassionate and healing process for both of us. Much appreciated- and thank you for your good work- healing the world one conflict at a time. It is meaningful, necessary and making a huge difference”.

Executive Director - 2018

“We have engaged Ruth Levy over the past 3 years for a variety of needs in our organisation for HR management support, including performance and mediation processes, as well as reviewing and drafting new contracts of employment and policies.  
Ruth has always been available to us at short notice. 
Her knowledge and understanding of human resources and staff issues has a calming effect on everyone and always helps us clarify our needs and priorities”.

Dian Edwards - Manager, Namatjira Haven Ltd, 2015

“Ruth’s skill as a group facilitator has been invaluable at North Coast GP Training.  Over the course of the last 18 months Ruth has facilitated a number of significant and challenging workshops for our staff.  As an organisation that has grown from a very small team to nearly 40 staff over the course of 13 years we wanted to make sure that everyone, from the very first employees to the most recent recruits, all shared a common vision for our future.  Ruth adeptly helped the team recognise the value and contributions that both the older and newer staff bring to the organisation.  Ruth has also facilitated team-oriented workshops to help the organisation prepare for and manage significant change in the face of major structural reforms in the GP training sector.  Our organisation is stronger and better prepared for the future as a direct result of Ruth’s advice and guidance”

John Langill - Former CEO, North Coast GP Training, 2015

“We have engaged Ruth on a number of occasions to assist in mediation of employee conflict situations and been extremely happy with the results. In what have been very difficult circumstances where the parties involved have felt there were no solutions, Ruth has been able to use her skills and compassionate style to help the parties move forward to happy and healthy working relationships. More recently Ruth has been engaged to deliver Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment training across our diverse business. We selected Ruth for this training as her style enables participants to feel comfortable but they will be left with no doubt as to the types of behaviour that are appropriate and inappropriate in the workplace.” 

Yasmin Lawrence - Former Human Resources Manager, Norco Co-operative Ltd, 2015

“Southern Cross University uses Ruth Levy regularly to conduct mediation, undertake complaint investigations including staff and student complaints, and to assist with other HR consultant activities as required.
Ruth has experience and skills in the legal, human resource management and mediation fields which combine to bring a unique and valuable perspective to her work. We are very satisfied with Ruth’s ongoing support, and specifically her consistent level of professionalism, expertise and effectiveness.” 

Sharon Farquhar - Director, Human Resources, Southern Cross University, 2013

“Ruth has efficiently resolved a few complex staff conflicts at police stations in the region.  Her approach assists staff to quickly identify the key issues causing the conflict and to take responsibility for their own behavior in the conflict.  Her mediations significantly impact other staff members indirectly affected by the conflict as well.”

Former Commander Bruce Lyons - Richmond Policing Command, New South Wales Police, 2009

"In a work situation where conflict requires mediation, an objective and informed approach is necessary if all parties are to trust the process and have regard for the outcomes. Ruth Levy provides a mediation service which reflects these qualities, the result is a balanced view on the situation and recommendations for resolution. Ruth also provides effective and well regarded supervision to staff requiring ongoing support. As Executive Director of The Buttery I am happy to recommend Ruth as a mediator and a supervisor." 

Barry Evans - Former Executive Director, The Buttery, 2009