Refresh-Reset Workshop

Refresh-Reset Workshop

Fixing a Fragmented Team

Conflicts within teams impacts everyone.  Each person in a team is responsible for how they engage and respond to team conflict, no matter how large or small their role in the overall conflict.

A Refresh-Reset team workshop involves an honest examination by every team member to consider the cause of the team fragmentation and how it can be fixed. 

What’s involved in Refresh-Reset Workshop?

A Refresh-Reset Workshop comprises individual and combined meetings.

The individual meetings provide each person an opportunity to provide anonymous upward feedback and raise any issues or concerns in a safe and confidential setting.

The combined group process enables the group to identify:

  • what is and isn’t working within the group
  • how everyone can contribute to the group’s overall effectiveness
  • what is needed to ensure that everyone can work together to improve wellbeing, engagement and productivity