Restorative Mediations

Restorative Mediations

The Cost of Staff Conflict

Staff conflicts can be stressful and difficult to resolve. They often involve a mixture of complex issues - personality clashes, incompatibility, misunderstandings of roles, claims of bullying or misconduct, non-performance and more.

The hard and soft costs of staff conflict can be high, including loss of productivity, stress, absenteeism and workers compensation claims, high turnover and the loss of organisation knowledge, recruitment and re-training costs.

The restorative approach to workplace mediation is highly effective in dissolving workplace conflicts and achieving sustainable reconciliation.

What is Restorative Mediation?

Restorative mediations involve dialogue, accountability, acknowledgment, compassion, reconciliation and reintegration. 

The underlying principle of the restorative approach is that conflict is co-created.  A restorative approach to mediation encourages self-reflection and an examining of perspectives in a safe and respectful setting.

The combined process enables participants to re-connect to each other’s value, take responsibility for their own behaviour and compassionately lay the foundation to re-earn each other’s trust and respect. 

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